About 30 police officers on bicycles are wading into the crowd of 100 people occupying Westlake Park. Follow on Twitter here. Watch a live stream here.

UPDATE at 10:30 PM: Arrests have begun. Two so far. Several protesters are linking arms around a makeshift tent, apparently ready to get arrested.

UPDATE at 10:38 PM: Four arrests total. A lot of people are screaming about the "police state." Uh, no. Lest anyone forget, the people getting arrested at Occupy Seattle are people who WANT to get arrested. It's their statement, not the cops' statement.

UPDATE at 10:52 PM: Six arrests so far, it looks like. Cops have dismantled the tent-structure, which protesters declared was a Jewish sukkah. Of course it was. Five people have linked arms in a circle, heads down, apparently bracing for whatever comes next.

UPDATE at 11:33 PM: Cops left the park without arresting the final five protesters. Seeing this as a victory, the crowd is screaming its damn head off. The legal team for Occupy Seattle believes 10 people were arrested in all. This now seems to define the city's official pattern: Arrest a few people each night to keep the protests in check and then retreat. To the extent that this keeps the occupation alive, good for the cops showing restraint and good for the protesters putting their asses on the line. But right now, some other types of protesters are walking around handing out these idiotic cards that say cops are the "tool" of the 1 Percent and that "police help banks evict people from their foreclosed homes every day." Jesus, protesters, blue-collar cops who arrest a few willing demonstrators after a two-week occupation are not the enemy. Focus.