You may recall way back yesterday when Mayor Mike McGinn was all, that's enough, kids, I'm puttin' mah foot down, and then resolute cops were all, there will be "no more sleeping" and "there will be arrests"?

Everybody down at Westlake Park braced for the arrests, and we all tweeted, but cops arrested only two people with a tent, they left two other tents standing untouched, and dozens of people slept inside the park without a peep from the police.

So what gives—are these empty threats?

Seattle Police Department sergeant Sean Whitcomb makes it all perfectly clear. "Everyone who is there knows that what they're doing is a law violation, and that couldn't be more clear," he explains super clearly. Whitcomb says police will sometimes use "public education" (telling them camping is illegal), "warnings" (warning people that they can be arrested), and "enforcement" (jail, bitches!).

"What you can expect to see from here on out is the possibility of being arrested when you are breaking the law," Whitcomb says. In other words, protesters,—something could potentially happen to you. Possibly.

Meanwhile, a different source confirms that SPD has called to shut down the Westlake Station of the transit tunnel for a while beginning at 10:00 p.m., when police tell protesters the park is closed (public education!) and protesters need to go home. But when you hear that it's time to go home, don't leave and get on the bus—they closed the station.