Last week a friend sent me a link to Amy Jean Porter's "Frog Wins!" comic that is a part of her Drawings in a Hurry series, collected on the current events & culture website The Awl. Instant fondness for her comic led to reaseach into more of her work and eventually to her website, which is absolutely full of vague charming brilliance. I asked her a few quick questions. You can see her answers (and more of her images) after the jump.

  • Amy Jean Porter

Where do you live?

I live in the woods in the middle of Connecticut.

What time is it right now?

10:52 pm.

  • Amy Jean Porter

What has your day been like so far?

Not bad! Super rainy and misty though. I kept waiting for the ghost monkeys to come out of the trees.

What do you like to eat?

Cookies, oatmeal, fruit things.

  • Amy Jean Porter

What are your favorite things to draw?

I do like to draw animals, also trees and insects. Anything that grows really. Also architecture.

Are you a tidy or a messy person?

My baseline is tidy, though if there's a giant mess it means I'm getting something done.

  • Amy Jean Porter

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?

No pets, but we have two little kids and a forest full of birds and rodents.

What is the best thing about life?

The people and creatures who live it with you.

  • Amy Jean Porter

H/T: Jeff Steichen