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The video was released by Canadian conservatives—no national conservative elected official or leader in the United States has been able to bring himself or herself to say "please don't kill yourselves" to LGBT kids. But my Canadian readers aren't buying it:


I am trying (but struggling very much) to be positive about Canadian cabinet minister Vic Toews' appearance in an "It Gets Better" video. The video was posted by Conservative staffers and Members of Parliament in the wake of Jamie Hubley's suicide this week in Ottawa. One side of me is glad. The other side is enraged. Toews, having repeatedly sought votes by peddling fear and homophobia, now has the gall to tell us that it gets better? The patronizing bastard.

I think that maybe it will get better when hypocrites like him stop telling our neighbours and colleagues how we are a threat to their communities and families. And he pretends to wonder where the hate and bullying comes from? What a fucking miserable prick. To me, It Gets Better is supposed to be a source of positive energy and I hate to be a downer, but...


Greetings from Canada. Our Conservative MPs have just recorded their own "It Gets Better" video and I thought you might want to expose their hypocrisy! Of the 10 MPs that I could identify I believe that only TWO—John Baird and Shelly Glover—voted to support the addition of "gender identity" and "gender expression" to our Criminal Code and Human Rights Act, in February of this year.

Thought I'd pass this along and maybe you can SLOG it and get your loyal readers to start calling these hypocrites out!


If you haven't heard, some staffers, MP's and a Senator of Canada's Conservative (right wing) party just posted an It Gets Better video in response to a teen suicide in Ottawa. As you know, same-sex marriage is legal here, but the Conservative Party tried to re-open that debate in 2006. I looked into that, and out of the 6 MP's who were in government at that time, 5 of them voted against same-sex rights. Pretty disgusting, but I thought you might find it interesting. Thanks for starting the project.

P.S. Here's the break down:

Lois brown- unelected in 06
Alice Wong - unelected in 06
Vic Toews - against in 06
Rona Ambrose - against in 06
Mike Wallace - against in 06
John Baird - for in 06
Shelly glover - unelected
Deepak Obhrai - against in 06
Candice Hoeppner- unelected in 06
David sweet - against in 06
Don meredith (senator) - n/a


Just thought I'd pass this on to you: it's leading Canadian Federal Tory cabinet ministers and staffers and MPs making an It Get Better video. Can you imagine Republican big wigs doing the same? I cannot imagine it. This wasn't an official video, but I'm sure if PMSH (the Prime Minister) or the party officially didn't approve, it wouldn't have happened.

Also, a lot of those on the left are bashing these Tories (I vote Liberal, btw) for making this video, i.e. "well you were bad once, this is thus hypocrisy." Surely we should be embracing them, not scolding them for being late to the party. I wonder how many Tories are afraid to fly blue at Pride Parades because they are afraid of being spit on.

"Savage Love" readers know how I feel about Vic Toews. But I'll just say this about Canada's conservatives contribution to the "It Gets Better" Project: People who are in a position to make it better—elected officials—but who have chosen, over the years, to make it worse, can come around. It's essential that they do. People who have advanced the cause of ignorance and bigotry and hate—people, like Vic Toews, people who have empowered the bullies—are welcome to see the error of their ways, to come around, to make amends and make it up. But it's going to take more than a video to undo the damage done by Vic Toews and Canada's conservatives. This was, quite literally, the least Vic and his fellow conservatives could do. The very least.