Seattle Celebrity Voting Records


Go Goldy!
I wish these were prorated by the celebrity's age/time of residence in Washington. Fodor's only 23, so he should only be faulted for 5 years of missed elections, not 10, for example.
god, bill gates really is the perfect human being, isn't he?
Ben Gibbard needs to be prorated for years of Seattle residence as well.
I like Cliff Mass trumping Steve Scher. C'mon, Steve -- you can't possibly be so busy being boring that you don't have time to vote!
I like how the really rich people rarely bother to vote - they win elections the old fashioned way!
Interesting and amusing.

HOWEVER! Krist Novoselic is not and has never been a Foo Fighter.
I'm glad to see Driscoll seemingly only bothers voting in the general.
Awesome idea/research/post. Well played, SLOG.

Since The Stranger writes so much about itself, and he writes so much about himself, where is Dan Savage?
Does it count against you if the elections people throw your ballot away because of a signature mismatch? They do it to me every election. I only contest the signature mismatch if an election I was interested in is close.
Krist Noveselic was in the Foo Fighters?
@7, 12, my mistake! I don't know why I wrote that. Maybe I meant to insert a joke there.

@11, the data is imperfect--both Eli and I noted that our voting records didn't include years where our signatures were contested. Which is disturbing.
Jeez, I didn't realize I was such a voting nerd. Voting geek?

I think I have a perfect record for that 11 year period. I know I've voted in every general election. I missed a primary once, but I think it was before 2000. And I missed the general election in 1996 (out of the country for several months). I was a pretty inconsistent voter in my twenties, but have voted nearly every time for the last 20 years.

Is there some website I can go to look this up easily? Or does this require the hassle of a FOIA request or something? I don't even know if my signature has ever been contested.
Intesting that the Pearl Jammer and outspoken voter advocate has a worse voting record than most people in the "too lazy to vote" category.
Novoselic also wrote a book suggesting a retooling of the election process. Pretty good book, too.
4 General Elections?!? 4?!?
That is shameful.
If Tim Eyeman has a better voting record than you, you are a schmuck.
The Stranger:

Yes on the monorail

No on 1183

Hooray for hypocrisy!
Huh... I notice even the best voting records on the list missed one primary. Was there a primary sometime in the past decade where the only races on the ballot were dog catcher and port commissioner?
I missed the 2007 primary. I'm ashamed :-(

It is heartening to see Driscoll skipping out so often. The less he votes, the better.

As for folks missing primaries - if memory serves, Cantwell lives in Edmonds, and I'm sure there are plenty of odd year elections with nothing on the ballot in the primary, or at least nothing important (they have County Council races on the primary ballot regardless of how many contenders because they're smart, and keep them partisan).