Speaking of Being Out of Ideas, Bachmann Didn't Really Have Any Idea How to Answer Christiane Amanpour's Questions Yesterday


Miracle! Resurrect! Amanpour, you are comedy gold.
I tried really hard, but couldn't make it past 3 minutes. Anyone who can stomach 13 minutes of that drivel deserves some sort of consolation prize.

DOW Jones back to where it was in 1999.


Gonna do a post on that?

"Are you concerned about deflation, the deflating balloon of your campaign?"

Haylarious. Amanpour wipes her ass with Bachmann. Runs circles around her. All that shit. And its just a factual interview.
Holy fuck... I know the one about, "If you want to look thin, stand next to some fat people." I think we have the inverse corollary of comparative intellect at work here.

Being seen interacting with Amanpour massively amplifies Bachmann's visible stupidity index.

I'd say something about a bag of hammers, but that would just be an insult to the bag of hammers.
To be fair, she answered Christiane’s troubled campaign questions, hypothetical questions, and previous misstatements questions exactly as any savvy candidate would answer them: deliberately defectively and evasively.
@3 It gets better. Watching the whole thing is its own reward.
Why do Republican women look strung out on drugs?
From what I hear, the Iranian plot to assassinate a world leader is kinda bullshit, but I guess it doesnt stop someone from using it as a talking point. Secondly, US & Israel engage in political assassinations all the time.

I hate it when Republicans offer more protections to Israel and its citizens, than they do the American citizen.
if the Iowa caucus is must win for everyone, what's the point of all the other primaries?
Amanpour for president.
I kind of agree with "Phoebe on NE 79th". Bachmann handled the interview relatively well. Do I agree with Bachmann? Nope, not a jot, but I don't think Amanpour managed the takedown she hoped for.
So by the Bachmann standard, every US assassination should be considered an act of war against the country in which the assassination occurred?
Also- immigrating from a nation that is "a state sponsor of terrorism" does not a terrorist make. SIGH. This is depressing.
I can't decide if the pause before each answer is satellite delay, her listening to a handler's response in an ear piece before speaking, or her brain working as fast as it can and failing to keep up with the conversation.
It's so cute when she pretends to talk about foreign policy.
Michelle Bachman is such a dumb, lying liar c***.
Lame. Let Australia show you how it's done.

I can tell that was difficult for Amanpour, she obviously thinks Bachmann is a total ditz, but tried her best not to show it.
I say what I mean. I mean what I say. And I never answer any question asked me.
This woman has built her career on lies. Maybe she's aware other people actually listen to you when you run for president. Nah!
Wasn't as bad as I would have expected. The usual question dodging and use of rehearsed talking points one would expect from someone in her position. Her response to the question about illegal immigrants from state-sponsors of terror is straight from the Sarah Palin manual; if a mistake you made is pointed out to you just deny, deny, deny. It is somewhat comforting to see that even though she's clearly been prepped and preened to such an extent that she looks and acts like a robot, the unmistakable glow of a bat-shit crazy fundamentalist is still instantly recognisable.