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Those in the "birds are dinosaurs" camp will not be surprised at new evidence of migratory sauropods. A study of Camarasaurus teeth strongly suggests that the animals moved around seasonally:

Palaeontologists have long suspected that some dinosaurs migrated, but this is the first solid evidence of it, says Paul Barrett of the Natural History Museum in London. Camarasaurus must have put a lot of pressure on food resources, so it makes sense that they moved around. Barrett suspects rarer sauropods such as Haplocanthosaurus didn't need to migrate.

And if the herbivores are migrating, the carnivores probably are as well:

When modern herbivores migrate, they are followed by predators, so the same may have happened in the Jurassic. The most common local predator was Allosaurus, a distant cousin of T. Rex. Fricke is trying to find out if they tracked Camarasaurus. It would make sense if they did: "A mass migration," says Barrett, "is basically a huge walking supermarket."

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In other dino detritus:

Dan Aykroyd [weirdly identified as "the Ghostbusters star" in this article... I mean he is, but...] has joined paleontologists in excavating hadrosaurs in Canada for an American TV show, "Born to Explore".

A new dinosaur has been named after Ross Perot's family, "who have demonstrated a long history of supporting science and science education for the public and for their support of the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, Texas."

And a saber-toothed SQUIRREL fossil was found in Argentina!