Seattle City Council member Jean Godden, who is seeking reelection, tried to smear her opponent's credibility today but revealed that she's the one with a credibility problem. Godden sent a mailer to homes across the city, featuring a front side that calls Godden "one of the most honest people you will ever meet" and a back side with hit on her election challenger, Bobby Forch.

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Godden even highlights her closing attack in red:


Slog tipper Susan writes, "I cannot stand by—with this in my hand—and allow Godden's campaign to put out this filth."

What's so dirty about Godden's tactics? As you can see, Godden closes with a supposedly damning excerpt of a Slog post in September that, if Godden is to be believed, slams Forch's performance record—based on a supervisor's performance review. As Goldy wrote at the time, "Wouldn't surprise me to see some of this make an appearance in Godden's campaign mailer."

But Godden is the one being dishonest. If you actually read the post, you'll see this one unfavorable review—from 20 years working for the City of Seattle—was taken from a "pile of glowing performance reviews." Godden had actually filed the public records request for the performance reviews, and we posted about them to show she was digging for a smear that didn't exist.

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Previous reviews of Forch described him like this: "outstanding performance," "Fantastic job, Bobby! Thanks," and "I can always rely on you."

So who is being dishonest here? Jean Godden. As her mailer says. "It's a matter of integrity." That's something Godden clearly lacks.

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