An important correction to this weekend's Slog post about HUMP!:

I'm Mateo Valentino, the director and one of the actors in the film Donut! I'm writing in regards to your recent write-up of HUMP! I wanted to let you know that both of the main actors in the film are trans, one is a trans guy and the other is genderqueer, and so actually the film is the only trans porn in the festival and not the only dyke porn. Oliver and Randy are pretty big fags, and it's really important to the actors to have their identities recognized. :) (Nothing against lesbians of course.)

I left a similar note on my submission form because we were all scared the actors would get misgendered, but I know there's a lot going on and I don't know who saw it. Could I ask you to make a correction to your article and let anyone else that might write about the festival from the Stranger to know to refer to it properly in the future?

I appreciate your time and I'm here if you have any questions,


I wrote to Mateo to apologize for the misidentification. Mateo wrote back:

While i have your attention, I'd just like to say that the actors use he pronouns. Also, your question about the lack of dyke porn [in your post] is interesting, but i think a more interesting one is why there was so little porn with trans actors this year, and why the word trans/gender is lacking in a lot of the publications from HUMP!

Is there a strong precedent for trans people in HUMP!? I've been thinking about this, and how we can foster an environment in which trans people feel comfortable and good about being on the screen—especially those who don't always pass, and who haven't had modifications like top surgery that would help them do so.

I do understand that the eye sees what the eye sees. I think, however, that we need to try to look for clues more, ask more questions, resist the temptation to assign gender to people that we don't know, and continue to divide our attachment to male/female assigned body = male/female.

Thanks again for reading and listening to my 2¢,


There have been films at past HUMP!s that featured trans performers (all trans men, I believe) and last year we had a film that featured a trans performer and an intersex performer. But Donut was this year's only film with trans actors, as it turns out. All are welcome and have always been welcome to contribute to HUMP! Looking ahead, this line has appeared unchanged on the HUMP! info page for a few years:

Entries can be erotica, hardcore, softcore, live-action, BDSM, animation, gay, straight, bi—whatever lifts your luggage! We draw the line at animals, kids and poop. Entries with any of those items will not be considered for HUMP!

We'll add "trans" and "genderqueer" to the boilerplate when we update the site for HUMP! 2012.

Anything else the boilerplate lacks? Let us know in comments.