Gawker says :

Starting today, Apple Store managers will have to undergo euphemistically-titled "union awareness" training, to learn about attempts by employees to unionize.

I underwent union awareness training twice—once at Borders, and once during my awful month at Walmart. In my long, awkward career as a retail employee, those union awareness training videos (at Walmart) and meetings (at Borders) were the most awkward part of those experiences. The videos sucked because poorly paid actors in Walmart outfits were reading a dumb script about how evil unions were and I was paid Colorado's minimum wage (I think it was $4.25 at the time—Colorado is a work-for hire state) to sit in a room and watch it. The meetings sucked because the lame-ass manager Ann Arbor had sent to get my store on track kept talking about all the things he wasn't allowed to say to us. (It's been a long time, but I recall him saying a number of variations of this statement: "I can't legally tell you to not vote to form a union, but if I could legally tell you not to form a union, I'd say you should take a look at the other Borders stores that unionized. Because if you did that, you'd see it doesn't help your salaries and they take dues out of your check, so you wind up making even less. But I can't legally talk about that, so I won't.") It was weaselly, nasty, and dumb.

So, you know, way to go, Apple! You're joining a mighty firmament of corporations that have mistreated and misled their retail employees. Heaven forbid those people representing you to the public every day should try to use collective bargaining to make their jobs a little more profitable and comfortable. Good to see you're dead-set on treating your ground-level employees like shit. I bet your anti-union videos will be really aesthetically pleasing, at least.