PIT Maneuver and Pit Bull in Bonney Lake


Was it necessary to kill the dog? The article says it "jumped out of the car", not that it attacked them. Stupid cops.
Ms. Crahay's Facebook page content suggested she had a mental illness. Her family sought help for her several times to no avail. She posted 'for sale' notices of pit bull mix puppies on her Facebook page as well.
"A woman who was shot by deputies Sunday afternoon after she allegedly fired at them during a traffic stop has died."

Well..if you shoot at armed police, they will kill you. If you are accompanied by a breed of dog confirmed to be psychotic, they will shoot the dog too. Bad life choices lead to poor outcomes.

End of lesson.
@1 The dog has no civil rights. So shoot first and fuck the questions later.
I don't know if it's a universal policy, but in SF the police will shoot loose dogs in these kinds of situations. They're not equipped to capture them and can't risk public safety (or their own) by allowing a freaked out dog to run loose on the streets.
Wow, talk about some shameless trolling.
@5 That's awesome.