Just don't do stupid shit:

"Some people have said the law's confusing," U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan said. "There's nothing confusing about the illegal conduct they were doing. Everyone knows you can't sell pounds of marijuana out the back door to someone who's not sick. You can't sell OxyContin pills." [...]

One of the shops hit in the raids, the Seattle Cannabis Co-op, sold 5 pounds of marijuana to a confidential informant for $11,000 in a monitored transaction, agents said. When told that the informant wanted to sell the drugs in the Midwest, the co-op's employee recommended some lousy weed on the grounds that tokers there wouldn't know the difference.

The Obama Administration could insist that federal law makes zero accommodation for the medical use of marijuana, announce that these raids were a harbinger of what's to come, or begin targeting patients for home gardens. That's perfectly within their federal right. But instead they allege specific violations that clearly flout the state's law. They went after what appear to be major players. This looks good for pot patients (and the do-right dispensaries that take care of them). Unless we see the landscape change in the next few weeks—more raids, trumped up charges, etc.—it looks like Obama is being merciful here.