Dorli Rainey Goes to SPD Headquarters


Just quit with the rabble-rousing! Sure it sucks that the old woman was pepper sprayed. But many of those protestors simply had it coming. As someone who lives in the neighborhood, I cant wait until they shut down the fucking encampment. I find it so irritating when I see 1%-ers like Michael Moore, Rachel Maddow and Cornell West stirring up the pot, and then escaping to the multi-million dollar estates on the Cape (or whatever gated community they live in). This whole movement is simply rife with hypocrisy. Just utterly juvenile

Maybe RED arm bands with a large white spot with something written (or drawn) in black isn't really the message OWS wants to be sending.

Just saying....
Why is Amanda Knox standing behind Dorli?
It's was their provocative clothing, right @1? I mean, the cops just couldn't help themselves...
Micheal Moore is worth 50 million and he claims he's not the 1%. I noticed that no one in this movement seems to care that athletes and celebrities make thousands of times more than the lowest paid that support those industries.
Nice fascist arm bands.
Ummmm, from a strictly graphic design pov, the red arm band, white circle with black interior graphic is a bad choice. I mean, come on! Doesn't Occupy Seattle have a decent graphic designer on board?
I will say, though, having a pissed off old lady as the visible face of Occupy Seattle is pretty great...
@1 gee, just because it's a top tweet and top vid worldwide and has been covered extensively on BBC, CBC, and all the MSM in the US and other places, let's just stick our heads in the sands and pretend we don't torture grandmas to keep banking CEOs ultra-rich, shall we?

@4 and @8 tied for Occupy The Win.
I think I understand why all these commenters are freaked out by people like Dorli. They cannot stand that someone like her actually believes in something and has enough guts to stand up for what she believes in. Her taking a dose of pepper spray shows more courage and principle than they can handle.
They were going to use the genius who spray painted Olive Tower to design their arm bands, but it turned out that 80% of the arm band was still an advertisement for Honda.
Dorli is a committed activist and should be lauded as a hero to the movement, as is anyone willing to stick their neck out and take risks for the betterment of the masses. Michael Moore and Rachel Maddow both have their fair share of problems, but they are both committed to fighting inequality and democratizing the economy. Cornell West is a much more militant activist whose conviction is unquestionable. More importantly, it's much better to be an active and passionate participant in a movement who can't always live up to 100% of their ideals (AKA a "hypocrite") than it is to be someone who doesn't care at all (AKA most of the people who comment on the SLOG regularly). Don't go critiquing the movement's core principals and activists until you yourself are willing to take your own action.

Oh, and the armbands are orange because those activsts are part of a specific, color-coded working group, as is common in numerous grassroots movements where many of the participants don't know each other as individuals.
@8: It worked for Wendy's. Is there a way to make "where's the beef?" about 401k's?
Actually, after being facialized by the SPD, she doesn't look a day over 70....pepper spray could be the next Botox. Phoenix Jones, there's a job for you in Beverly Hills.
@5 - I never knew that Michael Moore, athletes, and celebrities brought the economy down on us. Care to explain how that happened?
Shit on that commie bitch.
She seems to be an awfully good influence.
@16 I never claimed they did Dildolectic. If I can turn the tables a vast, vast, vast majority of the rich in this country also had nothing to do with bringing down the economy. They're smart and they worked hard. I'm drawing attention to the hipocracy of cunts like you and Moore. Thanks for playing.
@2: Maybe that's why the bands are ORANGE.
@5 What's with the raygun?
@20 - Whew! That's much better. Now it's not reminiscent of anything objectionable. Thanks for clearing that up.
@5 @19, okay, i'm going to assume you are just a registered troll, and start ignoring you now, unless you can start making a little sense for me. what is your point? that not every rich person is evil? or that the idea that 1% are too favored by current laws is somehow refuted by... ??? i don't know... you lost me there.
@22 ha! Especially not from any distance!
I like how OWS demands equality ... except.

You cant mace me, im an old lady (taking part in a protest)

You cant mace me, im pregnant (not showing it, also taking part of a protest).

You cant mace me, im a priest (taking part in a protest)

You cant arrest me, im doing nothing (but hurl non-stop insults and blocking street traffic).

Raise taxes on the rich, but not for me!

So we all want equality in life, but with many loop holes that kill the entire argument.
Well if you weren't part of a violent mob then you wouldn't have gotten pepper sprayed. Parading this old lady around as if she were some kind of victim, rather than an INSTIGATOR of the reaction the police had to her buddies and her trying to storm their cordon is total bullshit.
Red arm bands with a white circle? Really?

...grassroots movements where many of the participants don't know each other as individuals.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but a movement where the participants don't know each other doesn't fit my understanding of the term "grassroots" very well.

But if those people are acting as parade marshals or some such, I don't see any harm in armbands for that. Carry on.
Red or Orange, it's a poor design choice for an armband that connotes associations OWS doesn't need or deserve. I suppose it could have been worse - they could have put a pound sign in the circle.

But the armbands don't look like they had a designer at all, do they? I don't expect a badge hastily hand-written in marker to adhere to Graphic Design Best Practices.

I do get a bit of a giggle, though, at the fact that it's still armbands after all these years. You could have headbands of office, or simple name-tag sticker designators, or pin on some ceremonial paper-streamer epaulets, whatever you like. But nothing says "I am officially a protesting protester" like an armband, eh?
For people actually camping out, the armbands are a great idea. If you're in a dark, rainy field of tents with a bunch of near-strangers in an urban area, it's smart to have a general way to identify "friendlies" from a distance. It's also a way to address complaints that the Occupy sites are filed with non-political homeless people. The armbands don't signify that they are "SUPER PROTESTERS" or anything.
Also, the bands are clearly orange. SAFETY orange.

I thought the homeless people were fully equal participants, welcome and accorded full dignity?

But not armbands?

As to "friendlies," I'm pretty sure "unfriendlies" can figure out how to make an armband, no?
Wow, things must be getting pretty bad over at Free Republic; apparently all the extremists they're kicking off there are coming over here.
@35 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But on a more serious note: I am going to hope that and wish for something awful, really, really awful happens to the Seattle, Oakland, and New York donut devils.

And it will be wonderful if something insidious also happens to all those vile commenters in this thread beginning with @1 iliad.
@36 Is there a website that lists all the OS approved victims and perpetrators? It would make things easier. Apparently police are now the enemy because they won't let OS block streets? Sorry but that old woman was looking for trouble and she found it.
@37: Nice icon.
On Wednesday at noon, after not sleeping, her eyes still hurting, and without any videocameras around to record her, Dorli came downtown to stand with Women in Black for a 21-year-old homeless woman who was killed when she was struck by a Sounders train. She stands with us all the time. We stand outside the Seattle Justice Center facing City Hall. On the sidewalk in front of us are bronze leaves with the names of other people who died while homeless. Dorli is involved with just about every social justice activity in Seattle, and this is the first time she's gotten her name in the news, and she's using it to promote the cause of poor people. I wish we had 500 of her, or even 5 of her.
Name a movement that isn't rife with hypocrisy. The fact that somebody with money speaks out for those who don't have as much does not seem wrong to me. Who else can fight for the little guy except someone with clout? Or would you prefer it just be angst-ridden riot punks, smashing everything in sight? It's time for this movement to get off the streets and into political action mode and that is going to involve money. I hope some of these liberal billionaires step forward and help the 99% by buying massive amounts of media advertising to hit the American people with the only weapon they understand: media hype. It's time for this movement to use the same propaganda weapons that have been used to dupe us into spending more than we earn and making rich people richer. Please, hypocritical 1% supporters of the 99%, lend your money to the fight!