Occupy Seattle's anti-Black-Friday presence at Westlake Mall yesterday was small and earnest—in part because much of the movement's anti-Black-Friday energy was spent carpooling down to Renton to yell at Walmart shoppers (through a megaphone made in China).

Watch this video and ask yourself whether these are the right people for Occupy Seattle protesters to be shouting at:

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Hey, local Occupiers: Instead putting so much energy into misdirected blame-casting that should have been scuttled because of its glaring internal contradictions, how about doing something with a solid logic and an actual possibility of making life better for those Walmart shoppers?

How about arranging more carpools down to Olympia, where huge decisions about whether to cut more state programs that help the 99 percent, as well as big debates over who should pay what in taxes, are about to get underway in a special session that starts this Monday, Nov. 28.