As of today, Slog commenters have raised $8,175.00 more than Gawker commenters to feed the homeless and hungry—conditions Gawker commenters probably equate to contracting an enviable eating disorder ("So thin the hungry are! Look at them eying my string cheese with the haunted longing of Lady Chatterley's Lover! I yeeeeearn for that dedication!"). Thanks to all of you thus far who are good people and/or have chosen the moral high ground and donated to Northwest Harvest!

And if you haven't yet, it's not too late. Plus, giving to the hungry makes you an awesome person (see for yourself in the comments on just about any Slog post). Give to Northwest Harvest right now—whatever amount you can afford—and then forward us your receipt, and we'll instantly* update your commenter handle with an AWESOME PERSON tag** so Northwest Harvest and those faux homeless skinny fucks at Gawker know it, too.

*Not exactly instantly, but quickly!
**Be sure to tell us your handle and/or the email address your slog account is registered under!