Let the holiday festivities officially commence tomorrow at Diesel from 5 to 7 p.m. with a Very Beary Holiday Happy Hour!

With Very Special Guests: Joey Veltkamp! Keith Bacon! And members of Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club including (possibly) HONEY BEAR! ALSO: A SECRET SURPRISE GUEST! GRRRRR!

And, due to popular demand, the Slog Annual Polar-Bear Gift Exchange! Just gift-wrap any old thing you have lying around and then EXCHANGING will occur! (Some of you will want to sniff out the box of nearly antique caffeinated marshmallows! Also maybe the thing that feels like packages of novelty ramen that someone sent to Dan Savage! And still MORE JOY from the offices of The Stranger!)

You Will Drink It:
Grizzly Bear: Beer + Whiskey shot, $5
Vodka CranBEARy Cocktail, $5
Plus $5 food items and assorted other cheap happy-hour drinks!

While we're on the topic OF AWESOMENESS, don't forget to GIVE (or give some more! it's the holidays!) to Northwest Harvest for The Slog vs. Gawker Holiday Charity Challenge and become an officially AWESOME PERSON!!!

See you tomorrow evening. GRRRRRRR!