Now that Herman Cain has suspended his campaign, everyone is wondering which candidate he will endorse. Of course, that kind of speculation is weirdly coy, as Cain picked Gingrich as his favorite before he ever ran for president, and the two have enjoyed a friendly relationship all through campaign season. Still, even Cain is pretending that he doesn't know who he'll endorse:

"I am not endorsing anybody today or in the very immediate future," he said. "I can't say I won't endorse, but not in the immediate timeframe."

But Cain added that he would eventually endorse. "It's gonna happen, it's gonna happen. I have a process in mind that I'm going to go through in order to determine who I could possibly endorsement... It won't happen today. Most likely, it won't happen this week. They can calm down about that expectation."

Either Cain will endorse Gingrich like everyone expects, or he'll endorse someone else and everyone will wonder what Cain had to gain out of endorsing that other candidate. None of this endorsement hoo-hah matters, really. Cain voters, by and large, are already siphoning off to Gingrich. (I think Gingrich's rise in the polls already owes quite a bit to Cain's slow-motion meltdown, frankly. We'll have to see if he can add to the Cain base in the next few couple of weeks to become a serious candidate, or if he'll melt down and Cain voters will migrate somewhere else.)