Starting today, Louis C.K. has made his recent hour-long set at The Beacon Theater available for download or streaming for $5. Go get it.

Get it because he's hilarious, sure, but also get it because he's doing something great here. He's putting his content up himself, for a very fair price, with no DRM or other bullshit, and hoping it works out. If it does, he'll do it again. If he does it again, more comedians and other artists will probably follow. Every time an artist does this kind of thing well*, it's a chink in the armor of the content companies who want everything buried under 10 layers of crappy rights-management software and overpriced because of it.

The show is already all over the torrent sites, of course, but if enough people pony up the $5 it won't matter.

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I haven't seen it yet, still downloading, but I'm sure it's good. If it's bad, I'll write another post about how bad it is, but I won't regret spending the $5.

Get it.

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