Mitt Romney Can't Catch a Break


So would Romney seek to overturn New Hampshire's marriage law or not?
I'm not inclined to think he deserves one. If he and his staff are so ignorant to not know that more Americans are in favor of equality than against it or so foolish that he willingly bows to a an increasingly loony behaving minority, that will hold his being a Mormon against him no matter what hoops he jumps through, then he has made his choice.
How marvelous.
marriage is a constitutional right?
The coffee shop website has photos that help picture the scene. Look! They remodeled!
What a lovely rejoinder from a charming old couple.
That's a great story! But since when is a 63-year-old an "old codger?" That's more of a in-their-prime baby boomer.
Thank you for that link, @7. Spam is listed as a "premium"
crepe filling on the breakfast menu. Love.

That's Old Married Couple for the Epic Win.
"I think at the time the constitution was written it was pretty clear that marriage was between a man and a woman."

Regardless of whether or not marriage is actually a constitutional right; this is still a terrible fucking argument.
This made my day. Bob FTW!

I believe he was referring to the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

We hope so.


Presidents should always bow to popular opinion.

That's why the Democraps supported Slavery so long.

Even in 1864.....

And Jim Crow after that.

The last thing America needs is principled leadership that resists the winds of social fad.....
So have these two old farts got to look Obama in the eye and ask him HIS position on homosexual "marriage"?

What would your boy Barack tell them, Danny?

And you are OK with that?

Mitt can't catch a break because the credulous hypocritical sacks of shit don't call Obama on his position but call out Mitt?

Yes, we see your point....
Oh man that was great. If I were there, I'd pick up their check so fast...
That just gives me a warm fuzzy glow. How awesome that biggoted idiots have to worry about getting the what-for from older military vets and their husbands in ordinary diners across America.
Whoomp, there it is! Bobawesome!

Its not that he can't catch a break. It is that he is a fuck and everyone calls him out on it as he bumbles about in his attempt at the nomination. He deserves no break.
There's a moment where you can see Mitt realizing he's not in the situation he thought he was in. Priceless.
"I think at the time the constitution was written it was pretty clear that marriage was between a man and a woman."

It was likely also pretty clear back then that marriage was not between white people and black people so, on at-the-time-the-constitution-was-written grounds, Mitt should also be opposed to interracial marriage.
@12 "Regardless of whether or not marriage is actually a constitutional right; this is still a terrible fucking argument."

Exactly. When the constitution was written black people were counted as 3/5ths of a person, and were property.

The idea that we need to keep things the same way our slave owning forefathers who didn't let women vote thought things should be is insane. Even our forefathers understood this, which is why there are provisions in the constitution for updating it.

They were wrong about slavery. They were wrong about women's rights. And in just the same way they were wrong about marriage. It is not the responsibility of those of us who live in a more enlightened age to blindly adhere to the ideas of our forefathers, but to usher our society in to that enlightened age by correcting the injustices our forefathers were blind to.
This is fantastic.
Anyone else find it kind of cute that they're both called Bob? What are the chances?
I can't imagine dating someone with the same name. It would make calling out your lover's name during sex sound a bit conceited...
Actually I did date someone once with the same name. I used to joke that it is the only time you can call out your own name during sex and it isn't actually conceited.
@23 Spot on!
This is absolutely disgusting. Telling a veteran that his spouse doesn't deserve the same benefits that every heterosexual couple in the military enjoys. How can Mitt Romney sleep at night?
The cafe's breakfast menu offers something called "breakfast poutine" for $5.99, which consists of "homefries topped with 2 eggs, Canadian curd cheese and Poutine gravy."
This is reason 583 why I love living in NH! Reason 582... Chez Vachon has Fruit Puffs that are 'Devine'.
"I think that when the constitution was written it was pretty clear that marriage was between a man and a woman"

Well . . . when the constitution was written slavery was not only legal, but an accepted practice, and women were also considered property rather than people. While an honorable and historic document, the constitution was written in 1787 (224 years ago), and a lot of things have changed since then. Also, the constitution was written in such a manner that it can and has been changed, as outlined in Article V of the same document. C'mon Mitt, use that brain you claim God gave you for something other than thumping it against the Bible. Too many blows to the head cause permanent brain damage, don't ya know. Oh, well, I suppose you do know.
@24 - Just read what you said . . . should have saved myself the trouble of all that typing and just wrote 'What 24 said'.
I will never tire of watching this craven empty suit fail. I almost wish he gets the nod just so we'll get a few more months of seeing him fuck up.
Ha ha. Photo OP FAIL!!! You know what they say about assuming, right Mitt?

What kills me about the opponents of same sex marriage including the incredible tool that is Mitt Romney (who by his name is obviously more into "catching" than "pitching") says it's not constitutional. Marriage is not mentioned in the constitution AT ALL!

I don't expect the woefully ignorant (like our resident troll) to actually know what is contained in the constitution (reading long words is a strain and jerking off to gay porn and then dealing with the shame takes up a lot of time) but come on, people running for president should have some inkling of what is contained in it, or at least have staff members that do.

Oh well, at least Jon Stewart will have a good time with this gaffe!
In typical mormon fashion, He tells them how they are un-deserving of equality, and is then all nice and polite and cheerful. Hey homos and non-believers, we will oppress you with a hearty handshake and a big fake smile !
Tee hee hee!

That's right, Mitt, Teh Gehys walk amongst us.
@6 - I know you're playing dumb here, but it's about equal treatment.
We're considered first class citizens when it comes to paying taxes, but when it comes to the benefits of being an American....not so much.

I hope he gets hit by a bus.
Good thing Mitt was wearing his magic Mormon underpants, 'cuz he just got burned! *buh-dum psssh!*
wheres the video and where to send the card forbtheir wedding? nice work gents!
Next time someone calls Romney out like this, they need to grab Willard's hand and shoulder and say, "Hey, let's have a quick photo-op for the cameras. Smile!"
I don't think it is fair to call Romney a bigot. Being a bigot requires you to actually believe something.
What an ass. Marriage equality is a 14th amendment issue as well as a 1st amendment issue, following the same logic as Loving vs. Virginia (the USSC case deciding that laws against interracial marriage were both an equal protection violation as well as an issue of free exercise of religion).
#25. My partner John and I had a foursome with another couple. Both of them are named John. Talk about confusing, LOL.
So you'd rather have a politician tell you what you want to hear than tell you what he feels? How would that be any different from the last 20 elections? If Mitt stands by his faith at least he had the conviction to do so and not try to figure out what percentage thinks what or who believes what makes him more electable. Jeezus and you people complain that there aren't honest p[oliticians - you friggin get one and you complain about that too.
Mitt got his ass handed to him! Love it!
Just another in a long line of the GOP's efforts to reach out to voters. /snark
Mitt can't catch a break. That's OK, he can always buy one.
And today Willard got endorsed by Christine O'Donnell. Can you smell the angst on that one? Next up: Seeking Bernie Madoff's endorsement!
@6 No, it's a human right. As I posted elsewhere, it's kind of rich getting advice on Godly marriage from someone who belongs to the Church of Warren Jeffers.