Since putting his "Live at The Beacon Theater" video up for sale for $5 on Saturday, free of DRM, region restrictions, or any other silly bullshit, Louis C.K. has sold over 110,000 copies. A little quick math reveals that this is well over half a million dollars.

In a statement on his site, Louis reveals that his costs for producing the video and creating the website, all paid out of his own pocket, were about $250,000. So he's made 100% profit in 4 days.

Take note, stupid corporations and politicians trying to pass laws that will add even more layers of regulation and bullshit in the name of anti-piracy: If you make good things, and sell them at a reasonable price, you can make a lot of money.

Put another way: you don't have to be a fucking asshole to be rich.

Want to make Louis C.K. even richer and hammer home the point? Buy his video. I've seen it, and it's funny.