Finding that Seattle police officers "engage in a pattern or practice of unnecessary or excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution," that "approximately 20% of [all reported use of force] incidents involved the unnecessary or excessive use of force," that they "escalate situations and use unnecessary or excessive force when arresting individuals for minor offenses," that the internal disciplinary program "does not provide the intended backstop for the failures of the direct supervisory review process," that officers engage in "troubling practices that could have a disproportionate impact on minority communities," and that the federal government will insist on a "court-enforceable agreement that sets forth remedial measures," the US Department of Justice issues this scathing 66-page report on the Seattle Police Department.

There's lots more in the the report (those quotes are just what I yanked out), so I encourage everyone in Seattle to read the entire thing.

Cienna attended the DOJ's press conference and will have more details on Slog shortly.