This image was fabricated by a Parisian ad agency, Fred & Farid, for the purpose of marketing Wrangler jeans.


My thoughts upon seeing it: Mud is erotic; dust is not. With mud, something can happen; with dust, nothing can happen. However, Lisa Wade, a culture critic at Socialogical Image, saw the image as promoting violence against women in two ways: one, by associating women with wild animals that need to be tamed, and two, by eroticizing the corpse of a woman who has been murdered and dumped in a lake.

Here is the video for the ad campaign...

The fetishization of violence against women? I will not dispute that. But allow me to add that there's also the fetishization of the savage, the human in a state of nature. Indeed, the video instantly brought to my mind a passage near the end of Darwin's magnificent The Voyage of the Beagle:
Of individual objects, perhaps nothing is more certain to create astonishment than the first sight in his native haunt of a barbarian — of man in his lowest and most savage state. One's mind hurries back over past centuries, and then asks, could our progenitors have been men like these? — men, whose very signs and expressions are less intelligible to us than those of the domesticated animals; men, who do not possess the instinct of those animals, nor yet appear to boast of human reason, or at least of arts consequent on that reason. I do not believe it is possible to describe or paint the difference between savage and civilized man. It is the difference between a wild and tame animal: and part of the interest in beholding a savage, is the same which would lead every one to desire to see the lion in his desert, the tiger tearing his prey in the jungle, or the rhinoceros wandering over the wild plains of Africa.
Indeed, behold the savage.