Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father


Apparently bi-polar disorder only affects straight people.
What is Romney's solution for kids where one or both parents have died? Or walked out? Or is overseas fighting one of the many foreign wars that the US is so fond of? If a matched, heterosexual set of parents is so bloody important, why isn't Romney doing something to criminalize divorce, or fight parental abandonment, or make sure that military parents are only given jobs where they can stay home and raise their kids?
It's so heartwarming to watch hetero couples conduct themselves in ways that would make Jesus want to nail himself to a cross while continuing to avoid being restricted from legal marriage.

Had that woman been the only survivor, she could have been remarried. And it wouldn't matter what her religion was or that of her spouse and it wouldn't matter how many times she or her spouse have been married.

All that matters is that the relation is penis/vagina. Only gays have to uphold gawds law.
Instead of always beating up on gay people, why doesn't this asshole promote adoption if he cares so much about children? Because he cares more about being president and the right wing Christian vote. But the cult of Mormon will never cut it with that crew. Never.
Mental Illness PROVES that homosexuals should be allowed to have kids!


Some people are mentally ill and do terrible tragic things
Homosexuals must be allowed to marry.

....'President' Mitt Romney....
This is really not a persuasive argument Dan. There are a million reasons why people of any sexuality should be treated absolutely the same and be entitled to every legal protection and benefit available to all. However, focusing on anecdotal evidence that hetero people are capable of horrors towards their children just reeks of the same (unpersuasive) tactics homophobic people use. When I heard the Dr. Chen story I cringed not only for the tragedy but because I could just hear Santorum berating this story as an example of what happens when you let "these" kinds of people raise children. You should spend more time reporting on the awesome kids raised by single or same sex parents. Like me.
Using children to further a political agenda is an arsehole move, whatever that agenda is.
Horrible story. Not sure what it has to do with equal rights though. I don't see any connection between heterosexuality and killing your children.