Sergeant Sean Whitcomb just called to complain about the fake Seattle Police Department tweets we've been posting on Slog. You'd think SPD officials would be upset that we're mocking cops for, you know, beating the shit out of people. But no! The SPD was concerned that readers would be confused and think that the tweets are real. (In other words, they think that the public, at this point, would think that cops pepper-spraying a nursing home is totally believable.) What Whitcomb actually requested was simply that we take down the SPD logo to avoid any confusion.

Sure thing, sarge! We can replace the logo... but with what?

So we're asking you, the readers of Slog, what graphic element should be featured in the new SPD logo? Nothing says, "We hear the Department of Justice's concerns" like a makeover! Which graphic element below says "SPD" to you the most? If you have a brilliant idea that's not in the poll, toss it in comments. (And if you're a designer, make your own new SPD logo and send it to us.)

We'll swap out the logo in the tweets we've already published with the winning new SPD logo.