Something called "the NBA" apparently started their season yesterday. Locally, it was a non-event that might have gotten more attention here in Seattle if we actually had a team, a situation that might be remedied if a group of wealthy investors have their way and build a new arena a couple blocks south of Safeco Field.

If these investors want to spend their own money to build an arena and move in a team, more power to them, as long as they don't expect much help from state or local taxpayers. But not much of a basketball fan myself, I was personally less than excited by the news, until I dug a little deeper into the article:

Hansen is working with a Bellevue man who would like to bring an NHL professional hockey team to Seattle to play in the arena, according to the source, who did not know the name of the Eastside participant.

An NHL team? Fuck yeah! Go Seattle Metropolitans! It's past time to bring the Stanley Cup back to Seattle. (You know, as long as it doesn't cost much taxpayer money.)