This is total bullshit:

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Verizon Wireless plans to charge subscribers a new $2 fee every time they pay their wireless bills online or directly over the phone...The new fee will go into effect starting January 15 and doesn't apply to customers paying their bills with an electronic check or who enroll in autopay using a credit, debit, or AT&T cards, according to the memo posted on Endgadget. Customers using Verizon Wireless gift cards or Verizon Wireless device rebate cards and customers using standard paper check and money orders made payable directly to Verizon Wireless will also not be charged a fee, Phone Scoop reported.

The plan, of course, is to make customers sign up for autopay, but I hope customers start paying by mailed checks instead. This kind of colossal arrogance and disrespect for their own customer base is disgusting, and if the AT&T /T-Mobile merger wasn't stopped by the federal government, we'd be seeing a lot more of this kind of scheme in the coming year.

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