Jay Inslee: no hornswoggling allowed.
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  • Jay Inslee: no "hornswoggling" allowed.

Speaking before lawmakers, lobbyists, and health care industry stakeholders at today's "State of Reform" conference in Seatac, Rep. Jay Inslee was blunt in his assessment of Rob McKenna's claims that popular provisions regarding pre-existing conditions, the medicare donut hole, and adult children buying coverage on their parents' policies, could survive a US Supreme Court dismantling of the individual mandate.

"Do not let anyone hornswoggle you into that falsehood," Inslee warned the crowd during his lunchtime keynote address. McKenna infamously joined a number of other Republican attorneys general in challenging the constitutionality of the mandate, yet refuses to acknowledge that his suit threatens the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA). But McKenna called his opponent's bluff: "You cannot have your cake and eat it too when it comes to health care reform."

And that's about as colorful as Inslee got in a speech that was heavy on the policy-wonky stuff, befitting a roomful of policy wonks, many of them representing health care industry players who stand to have their ox gored a bit should the ACA be fully implemented.

Later today McKenna will address the conference at the closing the keynote, though apparently via video conference—a change of plans I've been assured has absolutely nothing to do with me being in attendance.