Resolution for 2012: Stay upset about the gays.
  • Kelly O
  • Resolution for 2012: Stay upset about the gays.
Oh man. As Slog tipper Anna points out, the Prayer Warrior was in quite a state this morning on KUOW as he tried to explain why gay marriage must not be legalized in Washington State, no matter what Governor Chris Gregoire says.

Let's take a listen with our eyeballs, courtesy of intern Marley Zeno's transcription.

Steve Scher: Thank you for talking to us.

Ken Hutcherson: Thank you for having me, brah

The governor is going to introduce a bill to legalize same sex marriage in Washington State. It has to be passed by the legislature. What does your legislator think of this bill, do you know yet?

No, I don’t, but I think we can get him on the right side of the issue. We just want to kill this bill in the legislature and not have to allow it to go to the people. I’m really surprised our governor has finally found something that she can feel good about what she’s done in office for the past seven years.

Well, you know, you said if it goes to the people—the polls have shown that the people are ready to support the marriage of same sex couples. Why not let it go to the people if that’s the case, or let their leaders vote on it? This seems to be a turning trend.

Well, I’d be more than happy to see that trend. I think that many think that because domestic partnership was passed that this issue of same-sex marriage will pass. I don’t believe that at all. I think that when you start asking people do they believe in same-sex marriage compared to domestic partnerships they’re gonna get a rude awakening. You know I don’t think that there’s one state that has allowed the people to vote on it that’s ever lost. Thirty one out of thirty one, I believe, is standing. The six states that now say that homosexual marriage is okay have all done it through the legislature. And in this state if it was really possible, if they really thought they had the votes as much as they’ve pushed this issue, and as strong as the Democrats and the homosexual community is in the state of Washington, it would already have been put on the ballot with the people.

Well, but things have changed. We’ve seen states legalizing it. We’ve seen countries legalizing it. Canada’s had it since 2005. Europeans have had it. The governor’s bill has no bearing on whether churches have to marry same-sex couples.

That’s a lie, brah.

Why is that?

Because every country you have mentioned that has passed these laws, every nation, Canada included, and not only Canada but now Massachusetts, has all infringed upon religious rights when it comes to this issue. Did you see the article that came out yesterday from Hawaii where the court just said in Hawaii that your church is not exempt from civil unions and people who want to get married in your church? They just passed that. Now, does that affect my religious freedom? Absolutely it does.

Hear the whole brain-melting thing right here.