Oh man, I can't wait to see the Seattle Times editorial board twist itself into knots over this one:

Gov. Chris Gregoire said Thursday she plans to bypass the state Attorney General's Office and seek court guidance on the constitutionality of a law limiting tax increases.

Gregoire, who is technically listed as a defendant in the lawsuit, said she is working with outside counsel to petition the courts for a ruling on Initiative 1053, which requires lawmakers to have a two-thirds majority to raise taxes.

Voters widely approved that measure in 2010, essentially removing taxes as an option for balancing the budget.

Voters have repeatedly approved the two-thirds supermajority requirement, sometimes by wide margins, sometimes just barely. But that's not the point. It's clearly unconstitutional. And it's about time that somebody pushed the state Supreme Court to finally rule on the underlying issue.

It'll be interesting to see if their relentless cheerleading for overriding the twice-approved provisions of labor-sponsored I-1163 manages to mute the Blethen Gang's knee-jerk instinct to blast Gov. Gregoire for ignoring the "will of the people." I'm guessing not.