News is breaking that White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley resigned last week.

Good riddance, I say. Since Daley took over for Rahm Emmanuel, he's been nothing but weird. He hasn't helped at all with easing gridlock between the White House and Congress—to be fair, six pounds of ecstasy probably couldn't help ease the gridlock between the White House and Congress at this point in the election cycle, but Daley has been particularly useless in this respect—and, more importantly, he was hired to make the Obama Administration more corporation-friendly.

I don't really know anything about Daley's reported replacement, Office of Management and Budget director Jack Lew and I just discovered via Wikipedia that he was COO of Citigroup's Alternative Investments unit, but still: He could hardly be more in the pocket of big banks and the 1% than Daley was.This has to be good news for Obama supporters. The President is holding a press conference about this at 3 pm ET today. I'm willing to bet it's not going to be as fond as Emmanuel's sendoff.