Rob McKenna can say that Obama's health care reform law "is not going to be overturned" because of his lawsuit, which among other things calls the law's mandate that people buy health insurance unconstitutional. But it gets harder and harder for Rob McKenna to say it with a straight face:

More than 100 congressional Republicans signed a brief Friday urging the Supreme Court to strike down the entire healthcare reform law if it finds the law's individual mandate unconstitutional.

The lawmakers joined an amicus brief filed by the American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative advocacy group. If the Supreme Court strikes down the requirement that almost all Americans purchase health insurance, the brief says, it should toss out all of the Affordable Care Act.

Remember: The legal action the Supreme Court is considering—the legal action that drew this amicus brief—includes McKenna's anti-health-care-reform lawsuit. (Which itself argued that the entire law should be overturned in a request for summary judgment a while back.)