Saying that the “continuation of the human race” hangs in the balance and that “bringing to life the next generation" requires denying equal rights to gay couples, four Catholic bishops in Washington State issued a proclamation today that declares a campaign to stop a same-sex marriage bill on Olympia. Among them was Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain.

The open letter to their flocks, which notes that current law "prohibits marriage to close-blood relations," goes on to argue that "marriage is related to bringing children into the world."

Not only does the decree reveal Seattle's Catholic leadership as illogical bigots—after all, they're not lobbying against sterile men from marrying—it goes on to call for lobbying elected officials. They ask followers "to contact your own state senator and your two state representatives to request that they defend the current legal definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman." (It bears mentioning that the Archdiocese of Seattle is a nonprofit charitable organization with strict rules on activity that affect policy.) But this isn't about procreation—it's about the church's well-worn crusade again gay rights.

Well, Seattle Catholics?

You're always braying about how you don't want to be lumped in with the hate-mongering, boy-fucking Vatican, right? That's what we keep hearing. If you want to convince us that you repudiate bigotry, show us. Show that divisiveness, while it may be the calling of Rome, is not the calling of your faith. Want us to believe your religion is one of inclusiveness, of equal rights? Then join together to reject this. This is the test of our faith in you. Sorry if the growing pains of adolescence are awkward, but none of you kicking back against this hatred from your church compares to the pain that loving gay families experience as they to fight for equal recognition under the law. Joel Connelly at the has a piece on the letter. He's a progressive Catholic. I'm sure he'll call this out soon. Right?