Portlandia! It's the hit IFC comedy that I'm happy exists if only for inspiring The New Yorker to write this wonderful profile of Carrie Brownstein. But as the New York Times points out, Portlandia is a comedy that has a problem with funniness.

The problem isn't a complete lack of funniness—there are bits of Portlandia that are so funny they almost make me pee via recall, including but not limited to Carrie's line about "eco-chairs and eco-ways to sit," Carrie riding a bike and crowing "I made a homemade quesadilla!", and Carrie-as-the-feminist-bookstore-owner hitting on Heather Graham by bragging about her indigenous pantsuit.

But between these great bits are long stretches of the rest of Portlandia, which leave me wanting. So I put it to you.