Slog commenter tniel has an idea. Responding to my post last night about the Archdiocese of Seattle opposing a momentous same-sex marriage bill (they actually argue that equality for LGBT couples would prevent the “continuation of the human race”), tniel says:

If dissenting Washington Catholics were truly serious about "lashing back," as Holden suggests, their most powerful weapon is of course the power of the purse.

Might I suggest a campaign to put note cards in the collection plates of all Catholic churches in Washington state which say, "I am withholding my usual pledge of $___ because of the church's meddling interference in the affairs of the state pertaining to gay marriage." That would quickly get the message across in the way nothing else would.

Your move, Catholics...

Even though I was raised Catholic, went to church every Sunday, and even donned a sweater and cords every day for years to attend Catholic school, it's been a long time since I attended a service (I've since left the church to find a more universal god—a god that doesn't condone fucking little boys and then covering it up, while condemning loving adult couples to eternal damnation). So I'm not going to do this this myself. But maybe the liberal Catholics who routinely claim that the Vatican's global bigotry doesn't represent them should consider acting on tniel's idea. Slip a little unexpected note onto the collection plate tomorrow. If you do, send me a photo.