Live-Slogging Mitt Romney's Concession Speech


His sons should rip their shirts off if they want Daddy to win. Show us your tits Mormon boys!!
A part of belief in free enterprise is the blind worship of opportunism. So you might not philosophically believe in government subsidies, but if an opportunity to line your own pocket comes along, you'd not be much of a believer in free enterprise if you didn't grab that government cash. All the while railing against the system.

So if Mr. Newt is attacking free enterprise to help himself win, well, that's exactly what you expect within the Republican party. This is nothing compared to the dirty tricks College Republicans play against each other to win their elections. Romney knows all this I suppose; it's all part of being a Republican to pretend you believe in something other than screwing the other guy over any way you can.
Romey's update is in the beta phase now. It should be applied before spring gets here.