1. Ben Marcus is reading tonight at the Rendezvous. Let me repeat this, for emphasis: Ben Marcus is in Seattle tonight. This is exciting. Marcus is a unique voice in American fiction; he's got a rhythm and cadence unlike anyone else. His new novel, The Flame Alphabet, is about an epidemic of language that threatens to destroy the world. It's awesome. You should go.

2. It's almost a shame that Marcus is reading in town tonight, because tonight is also Cheap Wine and Poetry at the Hugo House. Wine costs a dollar a glass, and the authors tonight are Greg Bem, Amber Flame, Peter Pereira and Martha Silano. That's a very good lineup. If for some reason you don't want to go see Ben Marcus—and you should want to go see Ben Marcus—CW&P is a great fallback event.

3. We have a whole calendar of events for you!