Posted Friday and moved up, because we're serious.

Do we have a lawyer in the house? We need your help. Attorney General Rob McKenna has finally admitted that he opposes same-sex marriage but that if loving couples want marriage equality, he thinks everyone should get to vote on them.

If McKenna believes that he—and everyone else—deserves the right to vote on our marriages, we should all get the right to vote on his marriage, right? Fair's fair.

This requires an filing an initiative to the people. Rob and Marilyn McKenna have been married for 25 years and their love is up to them, true, but what if the legal recognition of their bond could be permitted or revoked at the will of voters? What would voters choose?

So we need an attorney's pro bono help. Our task for you, lawyers: Send us the text for an initiative to annul the marriage of Rob and Marilyn McKenna, as legally binding as such a measure can possibly be, and I'll see that it's properly filed with the state and printed on petitions. Send your submissions here. We'll even send Rob a copy of the petition for his signature. Considering that he believes marriage is a matter everyone should vote on, he can't possibly refuse, right?