Sheldon Adelson: Ladies and gents, meet the man behind Newt Gingrich's money. Adelson, 78, is a Las Vegas casino magnate who once tried to open a casino in the Middle East.

"Newt Gingrich for President of the United States": Herman Cain endorsed Newt Gingrich yesterday, says Gingrich is going through the "sausage grinder" in Florida. A recent poll shows Romney leading in the Sunshine state.

"Stalin-esque": That's what Sarah Palin is calling criticism of Gingrich.

29: The number of Chinese workers captured by Sudanese rebels after a fight with the government, the insurgents said Sunday. China is a major military supplier to the regime in Khartoum. It is also the largest purchaser of Sudanese oil.

14: The age of golf's youngest tour winner, Lydia Ko.

300: The number of people arrested in Occupy Oakland protests yesterday. News reports are calling Saturday's protests the most turbulent since police broke up Occupy Oakland encampments in November. Police used tear gas after some protesters threw flares, rocks, and bottles at them.

Wanted: Police are looking for the suspect or suspects who shot three people at Citrus restaurant in South Lake Union early Saturday.

Seattle's new baby sea otter: Here are some pics by local AP photographer Ted Warren.

Finally, a broke Irishman builds a 1.4 billion euro house with shredded bills.