It's been a long, teeth-gnashing week in the world of women's health, albeit with overwhelmingly positive results: Planned Parenthood is $3 million richer and Susan G. Komen's weasely Republican board members have learned an important lesson about using poor women as punching bags boobs to push their political agenda.

The fight's not over—Komen hasn't technically pledged to fund Planned Parenthood in the future (they've has simply reinstated PP as eligible to apply for their grants) and Congressional Republicans are still working to defund and discredit the women's health organization at the federal level—but fuck it, you helped Planned Parenthood raise $3 million dollars in three days! That's impressive! And you deserve a reward for your boob-loving altruism! Like a three-of-a-kind FEMINIST KILLJOY t-shirt!!!

Spread Joy as You Kill It!
  • Spread Joy as You Kill It!

All you have to do is donate to Planned Parenthood and forward a copy of your donation receipt, along with your preferred T-shirt size, to for a chance to win! If you've already donated, do it again! Any amount will do!

We'll be choosing three winners at random next Wednesday at noon, so you have until then to give!