Jobless rate falls to 8.3%: An improvement to our economy but poses serious political risks for advisers to both Obama and Romney (basically means Romney can't blame Obama for making the recession worse anymore).

Gingrich's ties to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Runs deeper than he would like you to know.

Obama denounces brutal killings in Syria: The weekend attack in Homs left more than 200 people dead. The U.S. pledges support to the Syrian people.

Komen for the Cure apologizes: Backs down from cutting funding to Planned Parenthood. But can the world's largest breast care charity erase the blemish?

FBI probes anonymous phone hack: Hacktivist group Anonymous intercepted a conference call between British and U.S. police in which they were discussing legal action against hackers.

Frozen to death: In the past month, at least 22 Afghan children under the age of 5 have frozen to death after their families fled war zones in Afghanistan to seek shelter in refugee camps.

Do the dead outnumber the living?: The BBC investigates.

It's the year's warmest day so far: Wear some shorts!

The Episcopal bishop in Western Washington supports same-sex marriage: Believes that "same-sex marriage is "a conservative proposal" that should be adopted "not only in our society but in our church."

Investigation widens to find shooter of eight sea lions: In case you missed this, there's now a $10,000 reward being offered by the Sea Shepherd Society to track down the killings.

And finally, to put you in the mood for the Super Bowl, here's Seinfeld's No Soup for You! Super Bowl ad. You be the judge: