Voting has finished in Missouri. Results are just trickling in, with Santorum in the lead so far. In Minnesota, the caucuses have just begun, and in Colorado, they've got a little while longer to go. Reports indicate that turnout in Minnesota is huge, which is a change from the other Republican contests we've seen this year.

Mitt Romney is furiously lowering expectations across the board, and his campaign is keeping very quiet about their schedule. Gingrich is still talking up Texas, and he's saying "at the rate we're going you could have the first open convention since 1940." Gingrich sure does love open things—marriages, conventions, Newt Gingrich's mouth. Here he in on debates: “Most people believe I won 15 out of 17 debates and tied one...I think you could argue that I lost one.”

Meanwhile, Santorum was glitterbombed—again—just few minutes ago. I kind of love this picture. And, just because, let's note that four years ago today, Mitt Romney dropped out of the Republican race, saying "I hate to lose." We'll find out soon enough if he lost today, too.