Rachel Maddow Uncovered the Secret Ron Paul Strategy


They aren't inept, they just appear to be because their stated goals differ from their actual goals.
Two words: Super Delegates. I'm not so sure the will of the people has much to do with this whole primary spiel.
oh, okay fine, I think it's one word, but still.
Sorry, this is S.O.P. in both parties, always has been. No big deal.

This effect made Kucinich look a tiny bit bigger than life in recent Democratic cycles, for instance, but it's a far cry from swinging the nomination.
Well, of course. I mean, why would GOP bosses treat their own internal electoral process any differently than they want to treat the public one?

It takes a pretty exceptional con to grift a grifter, and Paul is no Henry Gondorff, that's for sure...
It's almost a perfect illustration of how a lack of meaningful regulations allows the player who is clever enough to exploit this oversight to subvert the democratic process in order to advance his self interest at the expense of everybody else. Sort of a case study in why Paul's entire political philosophy doesn't work in the real world.
IF there's one candidate for anything the Republicans hate more than Obama, it's Ron Paul. They love the votes he brings but they hate him in any leadership position.
Betting against Republican ineptness? Really?

This has been another episode of "Really? with Curtis Daddy Love"
Wow, is this like in Dilbert with the giant-bladder style of management? The most patient vulture wins?
One time I in college, I joined my dorm's film committee so I could get all the films I wanted shown (1977...pre any kind of media but 16mm for showing movies on demand). I argued and cajoled and horse traded for the first hour and when I thought I had made my point and got my picks "locked in" my friend and I walked off to get some donuts at the convenience store.

Boy, I was surprised when the official list came out and all my hard fought picks were scratched off and the films of the people who stayed had replaced them!

It is not just showing up on time..it is hanging around until everyone else leaves!
Well, as shown with Republican opposition to get rid of the electoral college, none of them believe in democracy. Any which way conservatives can grab power is legit according to them, so Paul is being consistent with the rest of conservatives: "The emphasis on democracy in our modern political discourse has no historical or constitutional basis." Ron Paul

Ron Paul really IS everybody's crazy uncle.
@4 has it right - this is totally normal in both parties at the precinct level, and it isn't a new phenomenon. This is the way it's been done for ages. I worked on the Dean campaign in 04, and this was ABSOLUTELY a part of precinct caucus training. RonK is right - Kuicinich people were REALLY good at doing this, and always seemed to have more people who stayed until the very end, and ended up getting one or two more delegates than the vote reflected, because, fuck, no one else had stayed to be voted into that slot. This isn't new, it's not Republican, or Democratic, or Paulite - it's a very real part of how party politics works in this country at the precinct, county, CD, and state level.
I'm sorry, but the hypocrisy in this article blinded me a moment.
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Ron Paul 2012

The McCarthy people did this back in 68 & gained a lot of power in the Dems, the forced birth people did it in the 80s and have managed to own the GOP ever since. This is not a new tactic but it is effective. Committed people will always pay a greater price.

The real fear is that these assclowns get enough power at the convention to provide a fig leaf that the nominee can hide behind & get libtards to vote for them
Eh, McCarthy, McGovern, it's all the same, right? What the hell.
@23 (snerk)

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This is absolutely ridiculous.

There is no way in hell that the Republican party would allow someone who didn't win the popular vote to become their candidate.

They only do that with the general election.
@4 and @13 are right. If your campaign isn't organized enough to stay til the end and make sure that they get selected as delegates, then your campaign just isn't very organized. Discipline is important!
@20: LOL WUT
@14: "I'm sorry, but the hypocrisy in this article blinded me a moment."

Is that anything like the hypocrisy of a Paultard who relies entirely on social services, KittenKoder?
The democrats took Adlai in 1952 and he wasn't on a single ballot in any state. except perhaps one, that he didn't authorize.
Hillary won Texas in 2008 but Obama won the delegation in exactly this same manner.