Did Romney Cheat to Win Two Separate Votes on Saturday?


Trucking in people is also known as getting out the vote and is a pretty important part of campaigning.
That's just silly: the CPAC poll is ALWAYS bought. Ron Paul has been buying it for years!
And then the nursery school teacher said "Stop your crying, put your heads down, and take a nappy".
Of all the things I think it's hilarious to watch Republicans get incensed about hypocritically, I think voter suppression is the funniest.

(The previous sentence is only true for strange values of 'hilarious' and 'funniest' which also make me sad if I think about the reason they make me laugh too much.)
Caucuses are the worst polling method to use.
Wouldn't it be real funny if'n Mittens were to Fall to some mundane campaigning scandal and his Republican Establishment backers were forced to pick Ron Burn It Down Paul or Newt the Serial Adulterer or Frothy Mix Santorum?
@5: There are far worse, my dear.