Donate now to Washington United for Marriage.

The other side has the Knights of Columbus, the National Organization for Marriage, Opus Dei, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. All of them will be opening their wallets—wicking millions of dollars in member dues and collection plate revenue from across America—and siphoning that cash into Washington State to repeal same-sex marriage. Just as in Maine, New York, and California, they're preparing right now to unleash a Biblical flood of television advertisements, radio ads, and glossy mailers to scare the shit out of moderate voters with hateful anti-gay propaganda.

They don't want Washington to be the first state to uphold marriage equality at the ballot. Every time marriage has been passed, it's been by a legislature or a court. But every it's been repealed—until now, hopefully—it's been by voters listening to their well-heeled campaigns.

Don't let them win.

Our side—the marriage equality side—doesn't have a centuries-in-the making hierarchical Catholic church, or Mormon Church, or unscrupulous front organizations brimming with cash. Marriage equality just has us. With polls showing that 55 percent of voters would uphold marriage in a referendum, this election is ours to lose if we don't play ball. That means our own expensive flood of commercials and glossy mailers that tell our stories of loving relationships.

Give $50, $100, $1,000, $10,000.