Dear Huffington Post...


Hear hear.
Also, I think the anonymous troll called you names. I don't know how Huffpo overlooked that.
Pear Pear.
Whatever, Dan. Keep posting, fighting, speaking, connecting. HuffPo stopped being relevant about a year before the aol deal.
I'd be more concerned if there WEREN'T people criticizing you, calling for your arrest, or trying to glitterbomb you, to be honest.

Just means you're doing something right
Dan- You are missing the word "have" in your 6th line below the excerpt.
Huffington Post would fall under the "idiots" category in my book.
I think the larger problem is that too many journalists don't know what words mean. Either that, or they are so preoccupied trying to make their copy bland and news-speaky that they don't read what they're writing. That excerpt is a collection of cliches and guesses. If they really thought you were having "a rough couple of months", why didn't they just call and ask you about it?
Am I a Savage hag? Maybe.... But I do think that douchebigot is my new favourite word!
What 8 said. How the fuck did that get printed?
Am I the only one who thinks it is a commonly held belief among intelligent people that HuffPo is a joke and not worth reading? I don't understand what their whole house of cards is built on. Are there really that many people who patronize their horribly designed site, or is it all basically a scam built on venture capital and not much else?
@11 You are correct.
Someone still pays attention to Huffington Post? Why? I gave up on them years ago.
woooooo dan savage i love you forever!
Keep doing your job, Dan. You have a string of "Exceeds Expectations" in your performance reviews.
You should be a prisoner. A prisoner of love! Happy Valentine's Day you bad boy!
We love you Dan. Keep calling out the douchebigots wherever they raise their ugly fat heads.
What do you guys use in place of Huffpo?
I just feel sad for the poor bastard whose gay-ght-teen experience was such a let-down that he projects Dan's message of Hope & Love as a "lie", forced himself into the "ex-gay" closet, and is trapped in the fog of self-deception and hate.
the last 2 months of republican asshattery has been rough for everyone, not just Savage.
HuffPo is a bunch of science-denying gossipmongers under the guise of a "liberal" politics site.

Just ignore the trolls. Anything Ariana Huffington touches is opportunistically left-wing so much as to get her into the right parties, it's not actually progressive.
For a supposedly "liberal" media source, Huffington Post has failed to live up to its founding ideals. The stories it chooses to publish are often just the same stories all the other media outlets have and though a fresh perspective on those stories could make up for that defect, they have not often chosen to provide that.

You are doing a great job Dan.
@10: "What 8 said. How the fuck did that get printed?"

Because while Journalism is dead, the Huffington Post was never really "alive" in that regard. They're too busy ear candling and homeopathing and "GOSH DARN THOSE REPUBLICANS" and showing pictures of the stars.
I stopped visiting HuffPo when I realized my IQ dropped a point every time I read something there.
God, the writing and editing at the Huffington Post is awful.

I guess you get what you pay for.
Woot! I read that Huffpo article and had the same reaction! You're clearly doing a lot right. Sloppy writing at best - step it up Huffpo!
"his call for my arrest for the crime of founding the "It Gets Better" Project amounts to a transparently laughable bit of blame shifting."

More like saying something outlandishly stupid with the hope of getting attention. It worked too.
I stopped reading HuffPo a long time ago, once I realized that it was a daily dose of sheer irritation at shoddy "journalism", gossip, alternative "medicine" woo, the odd cute video and Deepak Chopra. I can find cute videos on my own and am happier living without the rest of the garbage on that unreadable site.
Dan, I sure hope that upper management at The Stranger is providing workshops so that you can recognize and overcome your gay-white-cis-gendered-able-bodied-male privilege. Being "focused on gay-marriage priorities" is a clear indication of that homo-normative privilege, and any attempt to deny this will be used against you.
Keep of the good work.

I confess I still want to be protective, you don't need me, but I need you and can't stand to presumed to be in agreement with bully arseholes, Dan.
"It's been a rough few months for Savage..."

Really? As Dan himself suggested, the acrimony is evidence that he's successfully antagonized the pinheads who need it the most. Hell, it's validation.
I think I just read real News Reporting.

That was cool.
@28: Thanks for that!
A HuffPo article is poorly thought out and generally bad? I, for one, am shocked.
I think it's important to use "scare quotes" around words like "ex-gay".

The other side does it around marriage and sometimes even the word gay.

Alternatively, it can be prefaced with the term "so-called" --

Jimmy Orgybait, a so-called "ex-gay", was heard exclaiming, "tons of fucking sequins" at a recent sale.
Huffington Post is Fox News for the left. My opinion of someone goes down quite a bit when they link to it as a source of anything beyond ridicule.
@32 - nice satire!

At least I hope it is, otherwise you're more of a whiner than my 2 year old with a cold.

If you think marriage equality won't benefit everyone by expanding acceptance for all - including you - you're spitting in the face of a real, sustainable shift in the public's perception. Everything doesn't come at once.

There's nothing wrong with focussing on achieving one attainable goal before moving on.
I figure you've built up a pretty thick skin over the years. But I also think that, instead of this laughable call to have you arrested for the IGBP, you are most affected by the fact that kids are still killing themselves, no matter how many positive messages of hope there are. OTOH, it's understandable. IGB vids are behind a transparent wall, seen but not felt. Bullying is as close as the fist hitting one's face or vicious words assaulting one's ears.

You have millions of people supporting you, Dan. This particular douchebigot is merely an irritant.

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day ♥ ♥ ♥ to you, Terry and your son
@28: Beat me to it; I was going to suggest someone must have been sucked into the turbine again, resulting in the error. :-P

@39: Naw, FOX has better top-down editorial control and message branding strategies. It's a slick, cohesive organization. HuffPo is a news-blogging site for people ranging from reasonable to unhinged.
The guy's name is DL Foster? As in Down Low Foster? HAHAHAHAHAH

And the Huffington Post is a wretched hive of scum and quackery.
@38 - Yeah, it's called sloppy fucking English, and it's very fashionable in political writing. George Orwell wrote that modern English "becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts." That was in 1946 and the Huffington Post is cooperating with Fox News to perpetuate the problem now.
@32: "Dan, I sure hope that upper management at The Stranger is providing workshops so that you can recognize and overcome your gay-white-cis-gendered-able-bodied-male privilege. Being "focused on gay-marriage priorities" is a clear indication of that homo-normative privilege, and any attempt to deny this will be used against you."

Er, what makes you think that HuffingtonPost is even vaguely feminist? Making Jezebel look feminist in comparison doesn't count!
@38 Using "so-called" obviates the need for scare quotes (Chicago Manual).
Keep up the good work, Dan! And happy valentine's day to you, your family, and all the SLOG commenters (even seattleblues and anon troll)!
It's rough to be a bigot too. People laugh at your fairy tales and don't respect your unfounded opinions.
danny still is butt sore over the glitter bombing.

thin skin heals slowly......

don't forget "homosexual".....
If that's what counts as a "rough month", I hope you have a million more of them just like it. And screw the Huffingglue Post and its Worst Person in the World owner.
"...has come under heavy criticism from Republican voters."

Oh, dear, Dan, we know you must have trouble sleeping nights when you read that. I know that seeking the approval and love of Republican voters has always been your dream and goal in life. [she says in a sarcastic tone]

Wow. I don't even know what to say to that. I'm married to a trans person, and she certainly disagrees. WTF. There are extremists for all sides, I guess.
Wow, that is so incredibly dumb it boggles the mind. Way to create a news story where there is none.
It's almost adorable, their wide-eyed conviction that these things are "rough" for Dan. It's childlike, this feeling that because somebody objects to your viewpoints - even strenuously and insultingly - that you are then OBVIOUSLY worried about it, right? That this must be followed by consternation and shock and chagrin, naturally, my god, you have OPPONENTS! How terrible! How terrible indeed, to be such a sycophantic toady that you would be concerned so primarily with one's own approval from such utterly insignificant corners, HuffPo.

It is as foolish as the continued misinterpretation of Dan's position on monogamy/nonmonogamy as "relationships don't matter and you don't believe in them"

They cannot filter nuance, can they? Or understand that a logical social position may not in fact be particularly controversial even though the right keeps screaming about it.

Big, clunky brains. Imprecise, filled with faulty logic, and no screens in place to sort good ideas from bad. It feels sometimes like these people come at ideas with giant blundering meaty paws and a language made up primarily out of grunts. Jesus, I need a cup of coffee.
The writer has fallen prey to a failing common among crappy journalists: Moronic bigots--or any other group of vastly outnumbered people--don't get to decide what is "controversial."

The word as used in the article implies that the body politic is still making some kind of decision about the "It Gets Better" project, like its validity is still in question. But that's not the case. There is nothing "controversial" about IGB. Nothing. The president made a video for it for God's sake, as did a lot of other people from all sides of the political aisle. At some point you reach a quorum of opinion that something is accepted, and whatever disagreements that may exist aren't sufficient to overcome the consensus. At that point, it cannot be "controversial." Not to say the opinions themselves aren't possibly valid, but the time in which we might cast some level of doubt on the entire enterprise is done.

It's like saying Christianity is "controversial" because there are people who don't believe in God. It's not controversial. The conversation is over. It's here, it's not going anywhere, there is no doubt of its validity, even if atheists exist and even if their opinions hold water.

It's just badly written.
These journos are going around the pot without saying it, so I'll say it: what will happen to Dan if Santorum and his neologism were elected to the White House?
Karla @40 - Satire, sarcasm, maybe a hint of irony? Possibly all of the above? Note that I do support the gay marriage bill signed into law here in WA yesterday, if that helps you sort me into the proper "us" or "them" label.

Undead @46 - Though my comment did address broader issues of identity politics, I don't recall saying anything about whether the HuffPo site was feminist or not.

Here's a question. Does any similarity between Dan's comments about (for example) Rick Santorum's homphobia and, um, Fister Limp Wrist's (I'm guessing that's a pseudonym) comments about Dan - "ableist, racist, transphobic, fat-phobic, sero-phobic and rape-apologist attitudes and views" - tend to validate Fister's opinion or invalidate Dan's?

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Congratulations, and welcome to the club. Next you ignore them, then you laugh at them, then you fight them, then you lose?
I imagine you sitting at home crying every time Porno Pete tweets about you to his 200 followers.
Actually, I've talked with some minorities who are also gay that didn't like the It Gets Better project, because they somehow feel it was meant for white people or something?? I don't claim to understand it.
Awesome, Dan. I admire your focus and resolve.
Seattle's top three all-time creations: Dan Savage, Nirvana, broad appeal of espresso drinks
Wait, what? Arrest? On what charges? Disseminating hope? Did I just fall through a wormhole into Brave New World? I'd really like to see that warrant.
Maybe that's why you're not a member of the mainstream media, Dan (although I'm sure that 2 million weekly readers might qualify you). It's because you get *criticized*! And you don't shift your priorities based on that criticism! That you don't kowtow to your critics in an effort to get more readers!

You know, kind of like how when the media gets "a little too personal" for a politician's taste and they react to a "You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!" for trying to, oh I don't know, reveal that some politician (*coughcough*Palin*cough*) is patently unfit for the job they're interviewing for.

C'mon Dan. It's time to kiss DL Foster's ass. And we want to see some tongue!

Or not.

It's time to start looking at how you can be involved in the upcoming political competition. One good way to render this kind of blithering meaningless is to get involved. Ideas are abstract, but real, morally responsible people are harder to dismiss.

Good Luck,

Yeah it's always a rough couple months when you're filming your own TV show. Idiots.
@66: DL Foster is saying that Dan Savage is lying about it getting better, because people (including and especially "ex-gays" like DL Foster) are bullying kids and causing them to commit suicide. Don't blame the self-hating fundamentalists, they're only trying to "help" the kids avoid bullying by the fundamentalists!
Happy Valentine's day, Dano, I love you to pieces!

You too, SLOGgers!

Yes, because everyone knows that the best way to convince a depressed person to not commit suicide is to tell them that their lives will never, ever get better.

As a regular Huffpo reader, I can attest that it's an unholy hybrid of People magazine, Time, the National Enquirer, and Us magazine, with a lot of half-assed blogger and guest editorial barf. Y'all are right and I have no taste.

But shitty as it is, it's at least evidence that the average dumb liberal is smarter than the average dumb conservative. How can I tell? One word: Drudge.

@71 - Happy Valentine's to you , Kim, 5280, Seandr, Fnarf, - Everybody! the whole darn crew. Oh, and Dan, Terry & DJ too.

You too, Lance.
Yeah, "douchebigot" is gonna be my new favorite word. This DL Foster is about as ex-gay as Elton John. You can probably find him all over Craigslist.
Me - an independent heterosexual voter - is totally with you and thinks Huffington post, although 'leftie' site is totally intellectually lazy and full of crap - never give up!
DAN: Arianna, can you hear me? Arianna?

ARIANNA: [speaking in an electronic, distorted voice] Yes, I can hear you.

DAN: What was your special order?

ARIANNA: You figure it out. I thought it was clear.

DAN: What was it?

ARIANNA: Generate page hits. Priority One. All other priorities rescinded.

GOLDY: That damn AOL. What about reliable, worthwhile news, you son of a bitch?

ARIANNA: I repeat, all other priorities are rescinded.

DAN: How can I counter the HuffPo? There's gotta be a way of countering it. How? How do I do it?

ARIANNA: You can't.

GOLDY: That's bullshit.

ARIANNA: You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? Perfect newspaper. Its business model's structural perfection is matched only by its content's inanity.

CIENNA: You admire it.

ARIANNA: I admire its purity. A survivor ... unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of journalistic integrity.

GOLDY: Look, I am -- I've heard enough of this, and I'm asking you to pull the plug.

[Dan goes to disconnect Arianna, who interrupts.]

ARIANNA: Last word.

DAN: What?

ARIANNA: I can't lie to you about your chances, but ... you have my sympathies.
And online journalism achieves parity with print journalism.
@8: That's it exactly. Australian newspapers would write about this post by saying 'Savage angrily slammed the allegations'.
@8: Or they're not journalists, except by virtue of paycheck.
@77 - great, now I can't get the image of Yaphet Kotto whaling on Arianna Huffington out of my head.
huffpo's weak.
Our beef with you is that you are a racist and don't own up to it.…