New Jersey Assembly Approves Gay Marriage


Yup. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.
I would agree, the political landscape on marriage equality is changing quickly. Christie would have been served seeing marriage equality enacted with his consent and not over his objections.
In the short term, however, if Romney continues to fail, the Republicans may look to people like Christie for the nomination.
Why would it come back to haunt him? The people who voted for him knew exactly where he stood on this issue at the time. He hasn't exactly kept it a secret.
Christie is usually a fucking asshole, so it was pleasantly shocking when he defended American Muslims against Islamophobia. If he doesn't "swiftly" veto it, perhaps it would be worth emailing him and encouraging him to sign?
Yeah, what 5280 said... why would an anti-gay stance hurt a republican? It would hurt him a lot more if he DID pass it.
@4, he means when Christie's old he may like Scrooge be haunted by the Ghost of Christmas Coulda Been Gay-Married.
@5280 @Urgutha

Christie's had a chance to be one of the Republican front runners for Pres in either 2016 or 2012 (most likely 2016). With the rate of change the country is making on this issue, vetoing the bill would probably come back to haunt him in that election.
Well, I think I agree with gloomy gus on this one @7. Although swiftly vetoing the bill won't hurt Christie's stock in the short term, it will cause history to judge him differently. Can anyone remember George Wallace favorably now? Or will we always think of him as one of the last staunchest defenders of segregation? He even renounced these views later in life, but that was a little after the fact.…

Christie could "evolve" or sign it stating his objections, etc. However, he will go on record as a hater, and history so far has eventually judged haters harshly.
@9, I was thinking of Wallace too. He was one of the more notable holdouts during the 1960 civil rights era, who we not think of as a barbaric racist pig. There are a lot of people today, like Chistie and Santorum, who will likely be viewed as barbaric homophobic pigs 20 years from now. They just don't see it coming yet.
If Christie were smart and shrewd (BIG ifs) he would let this pass without signing it [I assume that can happen in NJ]. But the polarizing assholes against basic personal rights are not happy with just making statements, they want to physically stomp on the people they hate.
@8, 9, 10

The change occuring in the country is still largely among the liberals and some moderates.

Also, there are plenty of people who, to this day, admire people like Wallace and wish segregation still existed. Hell, there are plenty of people who wish slavery still existed.

The liberals will view Santorum and Christie and the like as barbaric pigs, sure. They view them that way right now. The conservatives, though, will not. They'll idolize them for standing up for what they believe in even in the face of inevitable change.

I don't think Christie's vetoing this will hurt his standing with his base at all. They may see equal marriage rights as something inevitable, but they'll be dragged kicking and screaming into the future and they'll hate and despise the people who made it happen.
I doubt if that bitter old lardass can do anything swiftly, outside the bedroom...
@12 Christie's base isn't large enough to win a general election in NJ. He'll need the support of moderates and independents if he wants to win his re-election in 2013 and use that as a springboard to the nomination in 2016. NJ will be more supportive of marriage equality in 2013 than now, and Christie's decision to veto the bill might come back and bite him in the ass.
i truly hope that you're right, paul. most people here in nj want this bill passed.
KUOW was reporting yesterday that Our Own Gov sent a letter to Christie, suggesting that they have a talk about the issue. Because, see, she's coming from a similar place (observant Catholic trained to be anti-same-sex-marriage who nevertheless evolved) and ... well, anyway, it's a good effort on her part. But Christie's a dillweed who's deliberately on the wrong side of history.
@5 you can also call the Gov's office directly. 609-777-2500