Captain Tone-Deaf Soundbite strikes again:

"The president wanted to encourage solar energy and he thought by taking $500 million and giving it as a loan to a company would do that," Romney continued. "It did just the opposite. Not understanding the private enterprise system explains why he doesn't understand that.

"Because my guess is that there are about 100 or more entrepreneurs in America that have ideas for solar energy, and they're trying to go out and get funding for their business, for their startup for their ideas. Going to venture capitalists and angels and their parents to try and get funding."

So you've got an idea for a business and you're from an upper-middle class or higher background. There are all sorts of resources to help you out. But what about poor people with an idea for a business? They don't have the resources—including the personal connections—to get the money. Doesn't Mitt Romney care about poor people? Oh. Right.