Morning News: Obama Is Visiting Everett (Which Is the Second Most Romantic City in Washington... Apparently)


NJ residents (and folks from all over) can call Gov. Christie's office at: 609-777-2500 and tell him not to veto the bill.
" living in luxury off hot food, alcohol and coffee "

Definition of "luxury" has changed since the economy crashed?

I think it's a matter of perspective. If you're a mountain man living in the wilderness during the winter, a shelter with hot food, alcohol and coffee would be luxury style living.
The point of Obama's visit is a tiny bit "hello, Boeing rank-and-file" and a HUGE bit driving to the $18,000-a-plate fundraising lunch at the Costco guy's Medina house with Natalie Cole singing. Then the Head and the Heart sing for him at a much less expensive $1,000-a-head reception at the Westin Bellevue ($250 if you're a Youth.)

And of course, there's a "Picnic for the 99%" counterfundraiser at some Bellevue park, in case anybody worried the Occupy bandwagon might miss this PR opportunity.
It might be Werner Herzog.…
Doesn't surprise me that Knoxville is 1st based on that criteria. Ever been to Knoxville? Perfect place to get lost in potboilers, flushed by bodice rippers, and jazzed with gyrating dildos with racing stripes and meat hooks.

Really...there's nothing else to do.
I love mountain man's purple snowshoes.
Thanks for the week of Smothers Brothers clips.
@3: And I bet that some of those cabins have luxurious Jacuzzis and hot tubs.
I've enjoyed the Smothers Brothers clips as well, even though I recall far too many of them from the original broadcast. As youngest, I was honored to man the pumps on our hydraulic televisionary installation. The 1/2" screen was blocked by the heads of my 17 siblings, but above the creeks and groans of the gears I could hear, faintly, the thin hiss of the broadcast carrier signal.
Everett is the "most romantic" maybe in the sense that there's a lot of people with accidental babies.
Has "going postal" been supplanted by "going Homeland"?

Whoops! Note to pilots: read *all* the NOTAMs before loading your plane with contraband!