Some Tax Loopholes Have It Harder Than Others


Koll-Welles hasn't seen a subsidy she doesn't like. She needs to get on her bike and ride.
This would be a new private jet charter aviation company. Many aviation companies started the charter flights to attract their regular customers.
for filmmaking-related economic activity that's estimated to bring in ten times that amount every two years
Isn't this the appeal made by every tax-break-seeking industry, though? That the multiplier effect guarantees a new tax would drain more money from the state's economy than the tax would bring in? I don't know how true it is or not, but it is the same argument with which oil companies and online booksellers fend off the legislature.

Or is that your point? I'm sorry, it's early.
Oh I get it, you like tax breaks when they're for YOUR constituency, just not for other constituencies that do things like employ tens of thousands of machinists or software engineers. 

Got it. Sure. 

Thanks for the laugh hypocrite.
Gus, perhaps the free advertising factor plays a role, as well? For example, we just watched Chronicle in the theater. The film is basically a live action post card for Seattle in many instances.
Didn't someone this season introduce legislation to make ALL tax breaks, current & future subject to expiration or at least regular review & renewal?

How's that one fairing in Olympia right now?
It is worth noting that this rebate is voluntarily funded by Washington businesses. It's not a tax-cut; it allows businesses to direct a portion of their B&O tax payment to fund this program. They only receive a 1:1 credit, meaning the businesses pay the same total amount of B&O. Further, the enabling legislation limits the funds so directed to $3.5M a year.

Secondly, in addition to only offering the rebate on money spent in Washington, and only paying the rebate _after_ that money has been spent and the expenses reviewed; the program requires that the projects provide health and retirement benefits to their employees.

Which means in most cases hiring Union crew.

I believe these seemingly small details make this program literally unique among such incentive programs.

That's true up to a point, but also bear in mind that a lot of these tax breaks go to businesses that are already IN our State; the Washington FilmWorks Incentives are used, in large part (although not exclusively), to attract out-of-state employers who wouldn't otherwise be spending money here. And they DO spend money, most of which stays in the local economy generating jobs; performers, technicians, support personnel, hospitality, transportation, etc.