Today in Redbox-Related Bitchery


Sounds like a failure in the Redbox business model to me.
White whine
Don't ever get behind a 'couple' deciding on what movie to get for the night. Slooooooow torture..
Also, its courtesy to let someone who looks like they're just returning a movie (ask them) to go ahead of you and get it over with.
Because there is only one Redbox stand in the entire city. In the amount of time it took that person to write the damn letter, they could have gone to another one two blocks away.
First world problems
Dear clueless Redbox customer, in knowing full well Redbox movies are due at 9pm, maybe you shouldn't wait till 8:45 to try and return them.
@7: Have you ever watched a bunch of movies and realized they all could be summed up by: "Rich People Problems"?
they only read all the synopses when they see someone waiting behind them. The more people they see the more they read. See also: checkout lines, ticket counters, ATMs, et al - there are some humans that are simply blockades with a pulse, that is their purpose. They are also known to atone for this by voting against their own interests in elections.
This is the price you pay for being a redbox customer.
Redbox is shit. It is patronized by intensly impulsive people who value shitty quantity over any quality at all... people who would take a mcdonald's hamburger over a steak because it's all the same to them and the hamburger is faster and cheaper.

Also, "running you over with our Subarus." Get over yourself hipster shithead.
Vehicular assault=$1.31? Duly noted.
horrible use of an apostrophe. no sympathy here.
Yeah, your failure to plan ahead and get your movie back on time is not the fault of the person who got there before you to rent their movie.

So to you I say "tough titties turkleton".
Letter writer probably is one of the people who still writes checks at the grocery store!
@11/12 ftw.

I'd love to just cut in front of this person, read some synopses for a couple hours, then decide against renting a movie. LW, you couldn't just drive to the next 7-11 and return the fucking movie? Isn't that the purpose of these RedBox thingies? Dear World: I am lazy. I am also lazy. I am also a lazy prick.

Maybe you shouldn't wait until nearly 9pm to take your movies back...

Sounds like a case of getting mad at someone for your own shortcomings.

From now on, I'm waiting until 8:55pm to rent from redbox, and I intend to read every synopsis and their terms of service. I will now use a different card every time I go, thereby requiring more data entry.

Alternately, get to the Redbox prior to 8:30 since you clearly understand that he's going to be in front of it then anyway.
eastside world problems.
Meanwhile, Netflix delivers right to my mailbox.
This never happens at Scarecrow Video.
Who the hell still rents anything? Haven't you heard of internet piracy?
Dear Anonymous,

Deep breath, please! Breathing is an important part of not suffocating to death. Instead, please try the following in the event that you encounter this situation.

"Excuse me, sir/ma'am, can I drop this in really quick? It's due at 9pm, and I don't want it to be late. Thanks!"
I am apparently a loser. I've never used Redbox.
Dear moronic dickhead: Read a book. You know, those funny paper things with a picture on the front.
Maybe you should rent your shitty movies at a video store where the clerks would give you a break if you brought them back a little bit late.

By choosing to deal with a vending machine instead of an actual flesh and blood person you are getting exactly what you deserve.
@25 - Neither have I. I propose that the next Slog Happy be held in front of a Red Box.
Maybe you shouldn't wait until 8:55p to return your DVD's.

Just sayin'...
@27 Redbox guy is dumb, but not more dumb than your "go to a video store" nonsense. This isn't 1996.
I'm sorry, but who waits until minutes before a deadline to do something? Sheesh, you'd think a tech savvy person like the letter writer would be able to budget time and plan things if they can plan what movie they want to watch before getting someplace.
Seriously, Anon, why are you renting DVDs? There's this thing called the internet. You can download movies now. It's why Blockbuster stores no longer exist.
The late fee is a buck. You spent more than that just by getting in your car.
@24: I can't believe it took 24 comments to get to this. Use your words, people, save the effort of throwing a passive-aggressive internet tantrum.